African Kente Guaranteed Block Fabric Prints 100% Cotton By the Yard 40FS1330

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Guaranteed 100% premium quality cotton material made, 145 g/㎡,Satin weave,Vibrant colours, soft hand feel ,Elegant overhanging and cascading silhouetles,Experience the cool touch of cotton satin.Africlife cotton satin is perfect for sophisticated garments that effortlessly drape and feel gentle to the touch ,and it is ideal for African dresses,Tops,Full-length skirts and gowns, all type of crafts  like scarp, head wrap, pillow …etc.There’s always a print match every moment,Tame its vibrant designs and play of colours into formal garments to enrich your wardrobe.

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Name: African Kente Guaranteed Block Fabric Prints 100% Cotton By the Yard
Material: 100% Cotton
Density: 96*96
Fabric Description: One side and two sides printing
Width: 45"-46"
Brand: Africlife
Weight Per Square Meter: 105-110 GSM

Style No.: 40FS1330
Product Style: Organic Fabric
Yarn Count: 40*40
Weave Technics: Plain Weave
Handfeel: Soft
Supply Type: In-Stock Items
Feature: Eco-friendly



6 yards/piece bag,10 pieces/PVC bag,600 yards/bale.
Specia packing also can be provided,Such as polyester fabric rolled on a strong tube, and packaged in a plastic bag packing,exquisite cartons are also available if needed.

Why choose Africlife cotton fabric?

Humidity balance.Pure cotton fibers absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere, with a moisture content of 8-10%, and feel soft but not stiff when they touch the skin.If the humidity increases, the surrounding temperature is higher, the water contained in the fiber will all evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric maintains a state of water balance, so that people feel comfortable.

** Warm
Cotton fiber thermal, electrical conductivity coefficient is very low, the fiber itself porous, high elasticity, the gap between the fibers can accumulate a lot of air (air is hot, poor conductor), high warmth preservation.

** Durable processing
1.At 110℃ below, will only cause the fabric moisture evaporation, will not damage the fiber, washing and dyeing at room temperature and other fabrics have no effect, improve the wear and wash performance of fabrics.
"2. Cotton fiber is naturally alkali resistant, fiber can not be damaged by alkaline, conducive to the washing of clothing.And dyeing, printing and other processes.
Environmental protection: cotton fiber is a natural fiber.Pure cotton fabric and skin contact without any stimulation, beneficial to human body harmless"


One of the most versatile fabrics \ 100% Premium quality cotton \ Suitable for any perfectly complex garment making \ Drape effortlessly and feels tender to the touch.

We advise you to treat this product with care to maintain its original high-quality condition and enjoy it for a lifetime .


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