China International Import Expo and the world create a better future

On November 4, the 4th China International Import Expo arrived as scheduled. In Shanghai, which leads China’s opening up, the CIIE is getting better and better. It will benefit global development and prosperity and create a better future for China and the world.

The global economy is shrouded by the epidemic, and trade and investment opportunities are scarce resources. The China International Import Expo will build a platform for exchanges and confluences for companies from all over the world, which is sought after by more and more business customers. This year, the total exhibition area of the CIIE has been further expanded to 366,000 square meters. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared at the corporate exhibition. The number of countries and enterprises exceeded the previous one. The world’s top 500 and industry leaders" "Return rate" exceeds 80%.

The popularity of the CIIE has risen, and exhibitors from all over the world are scrambling to display their products. In this regard, the Africlife brand is not to be outdone, showing a rapid development trend. Africlife mainly deals in African ethnic style fabrics, clothing, and accessories, which can meet people's needs for dressing and DIY sewing. The Africlife brand has a wide range of categories, diverse styles, and strong innovation capabilities. It locates customer needs and introduces new products every day. It catches fashion trends and keeps pace with the times. Africlife has exquisite craftsmanship and rich experience, supports retail and wholesale, and will do its best to meet customer needs. If you need to order, please consult the brand's official website.

Reference article source: Xinhua News Agency

Post time: 13-11-21